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Daily Care and Maintenance Of Acrylic Solid Surface

Due to its composition and strict manufacturing standards, LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface countertops products are naturally Heat-resistant, Anit-discoloration and Anti-fracture, but they are not indestructible. It is important to minimize direct heat exposure from appliances to protect kitchen countertops surface and in order to ensure the long-term use of acrylic solid surface kitchen countertops and enjoy more in the process of cooking food, as one professional china supplier of pure acrylic solid surface, we introduce the care and maintenance of acrylic solid surface and recommend the following measures:

1. High temperature objects should be avoided directly placed on kitchen countertops, such as pressure cookers, hot water kettles or electric heaters just used.
2. To prevent unnecessary damage, use heat insulation pads and stoves with rubber legs for cooking utensils that have just been removed from ovens and microwaves.
3. The strength and hardness of acrylic solid surface is in line with the national standards, but the blade and other sharp objects may scratch kitchen countertops surface. If scratches left inadvertently, you can select sandpaper grinding according to the depth of the knife mark and then evenly wipe with polishing wax, after that kitchen countertops will be bright as new!
4. Acrylic solid surface countertops should be kept with ventilation and dryness, avoiding watering for a long time. At the same time, heavy objects should be avoided from high vertical impact or hammering. If this ever happens to cause dents or broken, please contact us in time to let us provide you with warm after-sales service.

10 Years Quality Guarantee For Acrylic Surface Solid

Before buying LUXUStone® Acrylic solid surface or Finished Product of Pure & Modified Acrylic Solid Surface for kitchen countertops, solid surface bathroom basin, vanity tops with integrated solid surface sinks, please pay attention to the following two points:

1. The purchase of genuine products is the premise of 10 years quality guarantee.

In order to fully protect your legitimate rights and interests and ensure that you buy real brand LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface sheets, please dial the consultation hotline of acrylic resin artificial stone 0086-52656799 OR 0086-18816622968 (Whatsapp) and clearly fill in pure acrylic solid surface or modified acrylic solid surface you buy on receipt.


2. The skilled fabricator of acrylic solid surface is the key to 10 years quality guarantee.

Our finished product fabrication center of Acrylic solid surface not only has advanced processing equipment, but also has a group of artificial stone processing experienced professional team, directly responsible for the fabrication and installation of artificial marble solid surface materials and the key of providing good service. As good ingredients need a good chef to cook, 10 years quality guarantee for LUXUStone® Acrylic solid surface and its finished products will be completed by our factory in cooperation with the processors that serve you.



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