How to choose good quality of acrylic resin artificial stone as your kitchen countertops?
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How to choose good quality of acrylic resin artificial stone for kitchen countertops?

Never choose calcium powder sheet as kitchen countertops!

Have you ever experienced cracked kitchen countertops? Have you ever experienced a stain that you can't clean or remove? Are you particularly regretted choosing acrylic resin artificial stone for your kitchen countertops? Do you secretly swear that you will never choose artificial marble solid surface to make your kitchen countertops again? Do you discouraging your friends to buy artificial stone because of these bad experiences when they ask you for advice on kitchen countertops material selection? The disappointing experiences you met is just because you failed buy real acrylic resin artificial stone (acrylic solid surface sheet)! There exists a kind of bad-quality artificial stone made of calcium powder sheet on the market, whose performance is far from standard, which means very easy to deformation, discoloration, craze, fade, luster loss and etc., that leaves a horrible impression on customers. As one professional china manufacturers & suppliers of acrylic solid surface, our factory introduce the inferior calcium powder sheet artificial stone to effectively avoid it when choosing artificial marble solid surface as your kitchen countertops. Because the selection material of kitchen countertops has always been a super important step in kitchen decoration, the quality of artificial stone kitchen countertops directly affects the experience of usage.

Calcium powder sheet artificial stone (other name: calcium powder sheet)
Main raw materials:1. Unsaturated resin with low price and poor quality 2. Calcium powder 3. Pigment 4. Other additives

In order to occupy the market with a low price, some manufacturers of artificial stone not only cut the prices, but also produces calcium powder sheet which use cheap and inferior unsaturated resin as basis and calcium powder as filler. As we know resin and filler material are two most important basic materials in the production of acrylic resin artificial stone and they determine the final performance of artificial marble solid surface. Because the chemical resistance, impact toughness, bending strength, tensile strength, flexural strength and other quality indicators of acrylic solid surface is directly dependent on the performance indicators of resin. The reason why aluminum hydroxide is the best ideal filling materials for acrylic solid surface sheet is that: First, it fills the volume and enhance the texture; Second, it increases the mechanical properties of acrylic resin artificial stone; and third, it is used as a flame retardant.

Due to the poor performance and stability of unsaturated resin, in addition to the property of oil absorption and bad dirt-resistance itself, Calcium powder sheet made of these materials is more brittle and will be yellowing quickly after one or two months gone, also may crack easily. Calcium powder sheet are in poor both physical & chemical properties. For example, daily necessaries like oil, sauce and vinegar, coffee, red wine, milk drinks and so on that we frequently contact can easily penetrate into the sheet to form stains that can’t be eradicated. What’s more, Fire-resistance, Anti-bacteria, Anti-pollution and other key performance indicators are completely a mess! Compare to acrylic solid surface sheet, calcium powder sheet is easier for water & dirt to penetrate through the surface and also make them become contaminated more easily.
Due to the poor quality of calcium powder sheet, users get disappointing experience in the daily cleaning and using, which results in an extremely bad impression. These deceived consumers (who bought acrylic resin artificial stone countertops which is not real acrylic solid surface) misunderstanded that acrylic resin artificial stone countertops has bad quality and furtherly told their relatives and friends not to use artificial marble solid surface as kitchen countertops anymore. But what they didn’t know is that they uses bad-quality calcium powder sheet rather than superior-quality acrylic solid surface sheet.

Identification Method of Acrylic solid surface and calcium powder sheet

Observation method

Pure & Modified acrylic solid surface use Aluminum Hydroxide as filler, which will have a subtle sense of permeability and layering; The color of calcium powder sheet is generally gray (looks darker than usual), giving people the feeling of rigid without a sense of gradations, not to say the kind of transparent sense that acrylic resin artificial stone has.


Boiling water test method

Pour boiling water on both acrylic solid surface and calcium powder sheet. If the heated place turned white and could not be restored, then it must be a calcium powder sheet, while pure acrylic solid surface sheet will remain unchanged due to high temperature resistance.


Combustion method

Cut a small piece with a knife for burning, flame of pure acrylic solid surface sheet will not last more than three seconds, and the smoke will have a very special taste; while the flame for calcium powder sheet will lasts more than 10 seconds.


Cutting method

Calcium powder sheet is very hard and will cause a lot of dust in the fabrication process of cutting, and while cutting the pure acrylic solid surface sheet, snowflake debris will appear.


Chemical detection

Acrylic solid surface and calcium powder sheet artificial stone can be distinguished according to the chemical reaction of calcium and acid. Both pure acrylic solid surface and modified acrylic solid surface will not produce any bubbles in oxalic acid! But calcium powder sheet will have lots of bubbles in meet with oxalic acid.






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