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Advantages & Benefits of Acrylic Solid Surface

LUXUStone® 100% acrylic solid surface introduces the continuous casting combined with fully closed vacuum which is one leading technology replacing the backward technology of manual mixing with the intermittent vacuum. Modified & 100% acrylic solid surface produced by our factory in china is a quality-stable and green decoration material, which also possesses excellent Non-radioactive, Anti-penetrating and Impact-resistant, Anti-fracture and Anti-deformation and son. As a result, it is widely used as laboratory bench tops, check-in countertops or interior wall cladding in airports and luxury hotel, display cabinet countertops as shop fitting, customized bar & reception countertops in hospital as well as home application such as kitchen & bathroom countertops, solid surface basin or vanity tops with integrated sinks, Our 100% acrylic solid surface a is the ideal decoration material!

Excellent thermal-forming character From China Acrylic Solid Surface

Put LUXUStone® 100% acrylic solid surface in the oven at 150℃ for about 25~30 minutes and it will be soft like boiled noodles, then we can freely twist or bend it to get any shape according to your various design, it has flexible processing plasticity!


LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface can effectively resist daily wear because most of the scratches in frequently contact areas can be repaired with ordinary grinding method. What’s more, serious damage also can be easily repaired by polishing on the scene. If any scratch such as knife, we also can choose proper sandpaper burnish according to this mark’s depth, then reoccupy the wax by polishing and you will get the perfect effect as new without changing any material! Pure acrylic solid surface can be able to maintain its new state for more than ten years!


Hygienic and Anti-infiltration

LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface is non-porous materials. Its water absorption index is only 0.01%, which means that daily necessaries like vinegar, sauce, coffee, tea stain and milk drinks only stay on its surface rather than penetrate into the material inside. In addition, the above-mentioned stains can be easily removed with waterish dishcloth or adds a little detergent to scour it by water. Therefore, acrylic solid surface can inhibits the growths of bacteria and mildew to ensure hygiene, this anti-bacterial properties pass SGS test according to ASTM G 21-15 Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi.


Non-toxic & Radiation

LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface is one kind of ideal non-toxic and radiation-free decoration materials. Our factory choose Aluminum hydroxide as the filler that is a kind of odourless, tasteless and non-toxic white powder, which is the most ideal filling materials of artificial marble solid surface. At normal temperature, Aluminum hydroxide does not release any gas and mainly releases carbon dioxide without any toxic gas when it burns. Because of this advantage, our acrylic resin artificial stone is widely used in luxury shopping malls reception countertops, hotel reception desks, airport check-in countertops, hospital service countertops, laboratory bench tops, commercial food preparation areas as well as home areas such as kitchen & bathroom countertops.



LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface selected aluminum hydroxide as filler which is a very ideal flame retardant material itself. Therefore, Oxygen index of acrylic solid surface is as high as 60% and acrylic artificial stone remains intact even been placed with burning cigarette for about 60 seconds. High temperature will not cause damage and this fire mark can be removed with a polishing machine. Fire resistance has reached CLASS-A stipulated by International Building Code and U.S. National Fire Protection Association with respect to building materials classification and CLASS-1 stipulated by the European Union’s standard. With excellent fire-resistance performance and non-combustible property, our acrylic resin artificial stone is the ideal choice for kitchen & bathroom countertops.



LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface is solid and uniform through its entire thickness materials with non-porous. It can easily realize the perfect seamless-jointing by the concolorous glue and provide almost unlimited design possibilities. For example, a long L-shape or U-shape of acrylic solid surface can be connected together seamlessly on construction site with great ease and there will be no deformation or cracking during reasonable usage period.


Environmentally friendly

LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface is manufactured according to strict standards and the raw materials used are also very green. One of the raw materials is aluminum hydroxide, which is also used in our toothpaste products, and MMA is an ingredient of making dentures as well. Under these circumstances, 100% acrylic solid surface can direct contact with food. What’s more, the performance is in line with the European Standard (EU10/2011).

Advantages of Acrylic solid surface, International SGS quality report is the key!


100% acrylic solid surface

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